30-Day Trial of ClearPass QuickConnect

Those interested in a 30-day trial of our ClearPass QuickConnect product can go here to register for it


Re: 30-Day Trial of ClearPass QuickConnect

When configuring IOS or Android network access will EAP-TLS ever be available as a selection? When configuring IOS for PEAP what is commonly used as the outer identity? Are trusted servers names referring to the CA server? Where does the client connect to obtain the settings? 



EAP-TLS option for IOS will be available in ClearPass OnBoard product (scheduled to be released in April).


While configuring IOS for PEAP,  outer identity can be left blank. In this case the actual user identity is sent

as outer identity. Other option is to configure anonymous as outer identity. In this case actual user

identity is sent in the PEAP tunnel.


In the Trusted Server Names field, the host name of RADIUS server should be configured. The value

Configured in this field should be same as the Subject CN in the certificate of RADIUS server.

Re: 30-Day Trial of ClearPass QuickConnect

Hello it would be nice to have guides, manuals or anything on how to setup it....

I mean i got the demo license but i dont nkow how to set it up.... dont really have anything :(

Anyone can help ?


Guess the idea iscreating a package which you download and use it on an internal webserver

But okay

Let say i succesfully mount that in the server but now what? what is the recommended way to let users have access to that?

I can think on easy ways like putting a no encryptation ssid that got just access to that server and redirect you to it  but then illl need that SSID and then the user will need to conncet to the other after he has access and his client get autoconfigured....


Can anyone give me some help on this Mr Klee can you help me please?  i really would like to know how to set it up to see if i can show the clients this feature so we can sell it :)

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Re: ClearPass QuickConnect Help

There's a readme that you can get to once you login (click on Help button at top of page)..  It describes how to set up the packages as well as the internal server. 


A revised GUI (to be uploaded soon), will have an Admin interface that will also show a lot more data directly on the admin pages.



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Re: 30-Day Trial of ClearPass QuickConnect

Does anyone know if this promo is still available? Or how can we start a 30-day trial?




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Re: 30-Day Trial of ClearPass QuickConnect

Contact your Aruba account team.

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