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6.5 Cluster upgrade tool failed

I tried running the 6.5 Cluster Upgrade Tool, but it failed.

It's telling me that the upgrade to the publisher failed, but when I login to the publisher, it shows that it is in fact running 6.5.

When I view the upgrade logs, everything shows success except the very last line of the OnBoot tab, which reads: Onboot status query failed err:onboot pending and cpass-onboot-service not running


Subscribers are still at 6.4





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Re: 6.5 Cluster upgrade tool failed

I attempted to use the tool to upgrade to 6.5 this past weekend and it also failed. Same symptoms. I was, however, able to manually upgrade each subscriber node manually through the software updates menu. The only thing I discovered on the publisher was that it did not clear out the installed 6.4 updates and patches. Had to get TAC help to remove those files on the cli.
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Re: 6.5 Cluster upgrade tool failed

Thanks for the info!

Yup, manual upgrade worked.

I've got a TAC case open for cleanup.



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