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802.1x PC behind a Avaya phone



as the title stats I need a 802.1x pc plugged behind a Avaya 9608 phone with a Cisco Switch terminating the connection. I was able to get a quick 802.1x and phone auth for a second then the 802.1x session was destoryed and the mab for the phone stayed alive. I cant seem to figure out how both will live on the same cisco switchport.



Cisco Switchport config.


Current configuration : 592 bytes
interface GigabitEthernet2/1
switchport access vlan 652
switchport mode access
authentication event server dead action authorize
authentication host-mode multi-domain
authentication order dot1x mab
authentication priority dot1x mab
authentication port-control auto
authentication periodic
authentication timer reauthenticate server
authentication violation restrict
dot1x pae authenticator
dot1x timeout server-timeout 5
dot1x timeout tx-period 3
dot1x max-req 3
dot1x max-reauth-req 5
spanning-tree portfast
spanning-tree bpduguard enable



Phone has the port enabled, and on the 802.1x screen the Suplicant is off and pass through is on with logoff.

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Re: 802.1x PC behind a Avaya phone

on your switch port config, dont you need voice vlan?


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