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Account Expiry Warning email - ClearPass 6.5

Hi everyone,


I was wondering, has anyone successfully set up the Account Expiry Warning feature in ClearPass 6.5.0?


I have been scratching my head over what appears to be a simple "on or off" feature. However, whatever I do I cannot get CPPM to send an email 24 hours before the account is due to expire. I have:


- Ensured messaging is working

- Turned on Account Expiry Warning in Guest Manager

- Added the "expire_notify_after" field into my guest registration form with an initial value of 1 (which I believe means an email will be sent - wheras a value of 0 means no email will be sent).


However, I don't receive any email notification. Can anyone help me figure out what I am missing here?


Thanks and Regards,

Aruba Employee

Re: Account Expiry Warning email - ClearPass 6.5

Is SMTP configured in CPPM? Also, check the application log in CPG. That should show it tried to send the email message and a failure reason.



Zach Jennings
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Re: Account Expiry Warning email - ClearPass 6.5

Hi Zach,


Thanks for the response. I have ensured messaging is working. I receive email when I am a guest account sponsor, also I have sent and received numerous test messages.


In the application log of ClearPass Guest there's nothing mentioned about the email - i.e. nothing to say an email was sent, nothing to say email failed - nothing.



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