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Add to Destinatinon not allowed

Im trying to modify and add a subnet to my net destination "wirelessusers"


it has 3 16 bit subnets now and im trying to add a 24 bit subnet


I get the following error


Error adding/editing netdestination:Can't add new entry to netdestination 'WirelessUsers', needs 1797 aces, have only 947 free aces


anybody know what a ACE is ?

Aruba Employee

Re: Add to Destinatinon not allowed

 ACE is an internal entry for an ACL.  ACE entries consume resources, so there is a limit per box.  To see the used and free, do "show acl acl-table".  This will show you each ACL, the ACE entries consumed and totals (at the bottom of the output).  If you have ACLs that are not needed, remove them and it will free up ACE entries.

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