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Add to attributes pulled by CCPM from JAMF

Is it possible to add to the list of attributes that clearpass pulls from our JAMF server?  I have successfully configured our JAMF server as an endpoint context server and can see the endpoints get loaded from JAMF, but there are attributes in JAMF that we would like to access within clearpass.  One example would be the building and room attributes.




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Re: Add to attributes pulled by CCPM from JAMF

If you go to Configuration >Identity > Endpoint DB

If search for a MAC address that already exist in Casper you should be able to see the attributes that it was able to pull

All those attributes can be use in your enforcement policy
Here's more info in the emm tecnnote

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Thank you

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Re: Add to attributes pulled by CCPM from JAMF

I don't seem to be able to access the document you listed. The first link works fine, but the next link just takes me to a page asking me to login to the support site, even though I'm logged into my support account.
I can clearly see the attributes in the entity database for a macintosh, including the attributes that come over from JAMF. I was hoping there was a way to have CCPM pull some other attributes I know are in JAMF over to the entity database.

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