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AmigoPod for Wired Captive Portal

Is it possible to use AmigoPod to do wired captive portal through standard managed enterprise wired switches? We do a similar function through the Aruba controllers today to present a wired captive portal. I am ideally looking for the NAC functionality of authentication and capturing when a user is on / off of the network without moving to wired 802.1x.



Re: AmigoPod for Wired Captive Portal

Hi Brad, whilst many enterprise switches support an internal captive portal, many of them do not support an external captive portal in the same way as wireless controllers do.  This is not really rocket science, its a pretty standard UAM implementation however many of them simply do not do it.  Amigopod supports a completly custom external captive portal configuration where you can set the username/password syntax, post or get method, authentication method, etc.  We have used this to interoperate with many NAS devices and if a particular switch does support UAM then we can integrate with it.


If you have a particular switch model that you are looking at or want to discuss fiurther feel free to drop me a line or reply to this post and we can take a look for you. 



ps:  have you looked at Arubas S3500 switches, they definitely have this support

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Re: AmigoPod for Wired Captive Portal

Hello Guys,


I'm interested in setting this up as well through cisco switches. We have many Cisco 2960's (24/48 ports) and 3560G's (24/48 ports) in our access closets and i would like to authenticate users connecting to open ports through the amigopod applianace. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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Re: AmigoPod for Wired Captive Portal

id like to add juniper EX switches to the question if they are supported, they support captive portal, login, but not sure about the external server part.

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