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Amigopod 3.7 - Account Expiry Email



I was wondering if anyone had any experience of setting up some form of warning that was emailed to users before their account expires (maybe a week in advance)? We have a form configured to allow users to manually extend their accounts, but currently have no warning mechanism.


We're currently running v3.9, and from what I have seen we have an option to warn users when the session is going to time out, but I'm not sure that is entirely what we're after.


Any advice would be much appreciated.






Re: Amigopod 3.7 - Account Expiry Email

The session expiration warning is sent to logged in users before their session ends.


There is no built-in way to notify all users via email, regardless of whether they are logged in or not.  One possibility you do have is creating a report that lists the usernames and email addresses of users who have an expiry time in the near future.  You could run this report daily and send an email to the list.

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