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Amigopod in redundancy mode

How do you setup for your Amigopod in redundancy mode? Active/Standby?Active/Active? What's your recommendation?

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Re: Amigopod in redundancy mode


Good question.

Scanning through the Amigopod Deplyment Guide v3.5 I see the chapter regarding High Availability Services. Have you read this? Gives quite clear details regarding the setup and configuration needed.


Now - would this also need a double set of user licenses?


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Re: Amigopod in redundancy mode

We don't have Amigopod yet but going to deploy in a month or so. Thanks for giving the tip about the documents in Aruba. I read the High Aval document. It seems like cluster mode will only have one server running and failover to second one if primary down. 

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Re: Amigopod in redundancy mode

yes do i need double set of user license?

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Re: Amigopod in redundancy mode

No doubling of licensing is needed, only a HA license.  Its an Aruba product, but doesn't have the controller licensing hierchy. 


Re: Amigopod in redundancy mode

Hi, just to confirm that is correct, you dont need to purchase second user licenses for HA appliances, just a comparable model of HW/VM starter kit (the HA plugin is built into all HW/VM appliances



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