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Amigopod to Clearpass transformation

We purchased Amigopod before 4/1/12, when i go to download the VM ware all I see is ClearPass Guest and ClearPass Policy manager,  which one can i download that will work with my Amigopod subscription code? just ClearPass Guest? or PolicyManager or both?


I attended the Airheads conf last month and was told that in August, exisiting Amigopod customers will have access to ClearPass or ClearPass features.  What features will exisiting Amigopod customers get when this transformation is complete? Which features will we not get as exisiting amigopod customers.




Re: Amigopod to Clearpass transformation

Amigopod will become a feature license on our converged platform moving forward and the new name for the Amigopod technology is ClearPass Guest. Your subscription id will be for the Amigopod (ClearPass Guest) image.


As an existing Amigopod customer you will be well looked after as part of our migration plans and we will ensure that you are comfortable with the migration procedure as we get closer to releasing the converged platform.


Please work with your local account team and they can step you through how your particular deployment will be migrated across to the ClearPass product line.


Let us know if you have any further questions.




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