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Amigopod to clearpass license upgrade

I have a question regarding upgrading Amigopod to Clearpass with regards to licensing.

We currently have the following:

Amigopod AMG-SW-50 + AMG-LIC-100 + Onboard 2500

2x CP-VA-5K


I understand that Guest licenses transfer 1 to 5, onboard 1 to 1.  Hence when we upgrade we should get (750 guest ((50+100)x5) + Onboard 2500.  However, am I correct to assume that we would also get another CP-VA-5K?  If so would this include the corresponding 5K Clearpass PM licenses?


Thanks in advance...


Re: Amigopod to clearpass license upgrade

When you migrate you amigopod VM you will get another CPPM VM and in your case this wil be a VA-5K.


Not sure what you eman when you refer to the PM licenses..... the 5K will have


5K - AAA

750 - Guest

2.5K - OnBoard


This node could then also be clustered with the other two nodes and the Guest + OnBoard shared across the threee nodes in the cluster.



Best Regards

ClearPass Product Manager

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