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Aruba IAP external hotspot

Hi all, 


I'm planning to set a solution for a large deloyment using the IAP and a WAG (Wireless Access Gateway). The purpose is to provide hotspot service to customer over a L3 network. Regarding the architecture, i will have an ADSL modem with ADSL line in the customer location side (coffe, shops, etc.), on the other side, i will have a WAG. I don't have control over the network between the ADSL modem and the WAG. what i want to do is to configure an IAP, plug it into the ADSL modem and gives hotspot access to clients. however, the hotspot service and user access control (AAA, billing, login page, etc.) will be configured on the WAG. 

I just want the IAP to redirect users to the login page the first time and communicate the login/pwd the user entered to the WAG.


I made a test on a local network (WAG and IAP on the same subnet) and it work, but when i try to do it on different network (i enter the public ip of the WAG on the "ip of the external page" field) it does not work at all. 


I suppose i should have like Layer 2 tunnel between the WAG and the IAP as the WAG is like the "Default Gateway" of users. 


Is it possible to set L2 tunnel on the IAP??? Does someone even had to deal with such solution??


Many thanks guys!


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