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Aruba VIA only works with saved passwords

I have Aruba VIA setup and working authenticating to Aruba Clearpass.   I am running into an anomily where if I disable password caching "Allow user to save passwords", it would no longer work.   It appears that once this setting is disabled, the user will attempt to connect to VIA, VIA will send a empty authentciation attempt to clearpass, clearpass will not know what to do with it so it will fail.  The user will be prompted for a user/pass, enter correctly, Clearpass will authenticate correctlly however, the user will no longer be able to recieve DHCP from the controller,  I assume because it already tried to do this during the first failed auth.    Has anyone run into a similar issue?





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Re: Aruba VIA only works with saved passwords

I have more info on this, the VIA client does appear to work and get an IP address however the VIA software does not reflect that it has been assigned an IP.    May be a bug in the software for OSX.


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