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BYOD expectations...

I work in an automotive manufacturing environment, and was wondering what everyone is doing  about the rapid growth in this space. I seem to see it all from the latest BYOD trend, to simple barcode scanner connectivity. Wireless is literally, going everywhere and everyone seems to want it all over the globe.
There are all kinds of meetings talking about what they are going to be using wireless / BYOD for. I hear about how it will enhance productivity,  It’s my position to remind them that now is the time to think of security and policy control.  The number one thing I need to get across to the business types is, let us be clear about our goals and set attainable ones. Wireless isn’t some type of sorcery, It requires a lot of detailed planning, for example always do a proper site survey.
I have seen what happens, when things roll out to fast and there is no security, and it’s not pretty. We need to have granular policy control and think about this as more than just wireless.  We need to focus on a mobility solution that will include all facets of wireless and wired.  If all the stakeholders communicate, and the right tools are available for admins to use, this can truly be a win-win for everyone. 
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Re: BYOD expectations...

BYOD is a bit of a phenomena it seems.


Productivity can indeed by enhanced, but not always in the ways people expect in the first instance.


Totally agree with your main points. Embracing the change is good, but it must be done in a sensible thought-out approach.


Unfortunately, I have to agree with one of your last points too. I've actually seen one business close due to security gaps. Not good.

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Re: BYOD expectations...

More info in "Building Global Security Policy for Wireless LANs" here:

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Re: BYOD expectations...

thanks for the replys, it always helps to hear other peoples view points and opinions..



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