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Bandwidth Contract not working

I have the bandwidth contract configured for our guest network, but it doesn't seem to be working.


The following is the bandwidth contract:

aaa bandwidth-contract tufts-guest-throttle mbits 5


Guest users get assigned to the Auth-Tufts-Guest role, which is below:


user-role Auth-Tufts-Guest
 bw-contract tufts-guest-throttle per-user upstream
 bw-contract tufts-guest-throttle per-user downstream
 session-acl guest-policy


But using iPerf testing, I was able to send 40 mbits per second. I've verify on the controller that the machine I'm testing with is in the Auth-Tufts-Guest role.


I there another step I'm missing? Those 2 configuration steps are the only ones I saw in the documentation. 




Aruba Employee

Re: Bandwidth Contract not working

What is the forwarding mode of the VAP used for guests. Currently, bandwidth contracts are supported only for tunnel and decrypt-tunnel mode. There is no support for split-tunnel or bridge mode. Remember, that the traffc will be throttled only at the controller.





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Re: Bandwidth Contract not working

It is configured for tunnel, but I think it was a problem with the iPerf testing, I tried using scp and wget to transfer some files and the bandwidth rate limiting worked fine.



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