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Bradford Networks to Clearpass Endpoint Conversion Script - CSV to XML


We needed to convert ~500 or so guest and conference device registrations from Bradford Networks to Clearpass so as not to require folks to have to re-register when we introduced Clearpass.  The attached script will accept a CSV input file (could be from Bradford Networks or somewhere else) and create an XML output file in the <Endpoint> XML tag format currently required by Clearpass.


Note that in our case we had a series of conference ID's that indicated which conference the device was affiliated with.  If a device was not affiliated with any conference, we indicated this with a 'NOID' entry in that column, so if you do not have any conference IDs and just a list of clients, be sure to have 'NOID' in the User-Title field within the import CSV.


Steps/instructions are included in the attached .pl script.


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