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CPG - Automatically closing an Apple Captive Network window?



I'm working with a customer and an interesting request came though. They asked if it is possible to automatically close Apple's Captive Network window once the user has Guest access?


The workflow would look like the following:


1. Guest connects to the network and a wireless captive portal window appears (working)

2. The Guest clicks the accept button and has Guest-level privileges (working)

3. The redirect page currently pops up and the user has to click the "Done" button in the browser window.


For #3, they were looking for that to automagically happen.


I have played around with some of the auto-submit code from the Arubapedia site, but I haven't gotten it work. 


Thanks for any help that you can offer!



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Re: CPG - Automatically closing an Apple Captive Network window?

It's very inconsistent and not something that can really be controlled on the network side. Sometimes it disappears, sometimes it doesn't. (Typical Apple)

It seems to depend on which site it uses for the connectivity check.

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Re: CPG - Automatically closing an Apple Captive Network window?

Hi Tim,


Thanks for jumping on the thread. Yep, I definitley know the joys of working with Apple's CNA...


The question, for me, is can we add some javascript to a receipt page, or to a redirect page, that triggers the CNA page to close automagically? We could even do a redirect to a locally hosted CPG page that just contains code to close that page. I hadn't thought of it until I was typing it, but that may be a way around this.


Any thoughts would be appreciated!



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