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CPPM 6.2 Insight access issue



Version 6.2 of CPPM
I can get to  
 but not


but I can get to: but after I login I get page can not be displayed be

My firewall only allows HTTPS traffic to this server and I am noticing that insights is redirecting to port 80 (http).  Is there a way to keep everything on port 443?


Re: CPPM 6.2 Insight access issue

There is a feature request in. 

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Re: CPPM 6.2 Insight access issue

Had TAC on a call today and it is a bug.  A bug fix is being created.  Thanks all.


Re: CPPM 6.2 Insight access issue

This seem to still be an issue in latest CPPM...

It's **bleep** annoying as I'm doing support on a system where only https is NAT'ed to the CPPM server. I load up Insight and it redirects me to http, which I'm unable to access.



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