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CPPM 6.7.4 cluster funnies

Just upgraded a 2 node cluster to 6.7.4 yesterday, everything seemed to work, however sometime this morning the master publisher decided that the secondary was down ..problem is that it  isn;t ... sort of

on master publisher


[]# cluster list

Publisher : Management port IP= Data port IP=None [local machine]
Subscriber : Management port IP= Data port IP=




on subscriber


[appadmin@clearpass1old]# cluster list

Publisher : Management port IP= Data port IP=None
Subscriber : Management port IP= Data port IP= [local machine]



Trying to get to https port on subscriber gives a redriect then a 404b not . found error ( see below)


Cluster status is node down but the master publisher says that the last subscriber replication was just now.


Dashboard status lets me see subscriber details 


Spo apart from not being able to see access-tracker details for the subscriber  and not being abler to access the subscriber web page things seem to be working and auth requests are hitting the subscriber o.k. ( including eap hased health checks


Anyone point me at other things to look at ?


Error 404: Page not found
The page you are trying to access is unavailable. Redirecting in 5 seconds...

If the application continues to be unavailable, please contact your network administrator for further assistance.


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Re: CPPM 6.7.4 cluster funnies

And the solution was to ....



log into the CLI and type "service status all"


Notice that  the admin server wasn't working




service start cppm-admin-server


Thing is, the box was rebooted so would have expected the admin server to come back up at that point


Anyway, its working 

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