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CPPM RADIUS for CIENA 6500 Devices

I struggled to find a solution for using CPPM to authenticate my CIENA 6500s.   My issue was related the RADIUS Dictionary in CPPM being incompatible.  When I started this build I did not see an existing dictionary for vendor name "Ciena" so I created one.  Ciena's documentation states that they are vendor ID 562.  In my CCPM I saw that Nortel was already using that ID so I created a new dictionary and named it Ciena and gave it vendor ID 561 since that was available.  This was a mistake.


Getting the correct vendor ID is critical for VSA attributes.  So what you want to do is modify the existing Nortel dictionary to include the following attribute...




<Attribute profile="in out" type="Unsigned32" name="UPC-Priv-Level" id="216"/>




Then in your Enforcement Profile, pick that attribute and give it a value from 1-5.  "4" is the standard privilege level for Admin.  "1" is read-only.  Don't use 5 as per Ciena's recommendation.


I also modified the existing attribute "Nortel-Privilege-Level" and changed the ID from 166 to 26.  I do not know if this was necessary but didn't want to make more changes since my tests were succeeding.




<Attribute profile="in out" type="Unsigned32" name="Nortel-Privilege-Level" id="26"/>




Hope this saves time for anyone else trying to work with Ciena 6500 OME devices.


Here's my enforcement profile...



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