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CPPM license activation

Hi All,

    I need some info regarding the activation of a CPPM device. There is lots of info floating around regarding the new licensing model but there doesn't seem to be any info regarding the process that connects the purchasing of licenses to the install itself. Basically I want each customer we support a CPPM for to have their own user account that ties their machine/licensing together. However I dont know where to point them to create an account and how this links to the device license that a third party has purchased prior to the install.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: CPPM license activation

they would register the licences directly through the HPE My Networking Portal. you can do this yourself and then transfer ownership through the portal once they have created an account. I usually get my customers to sign up using a helpdesk or group email account, then I do the activation for them (it's a pretty crappy process) then transfer to them.

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