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CPPM licensing lockout

I have a question regarding the licensing of Clearpass. I am aware of the rolling average system for the licensing however if I enable Guest access using the free 25 licenses that come with policy manager and the usage is consistently over the 25 limit will I be locked-out of making configuration changes. Does this mean that I will not be able to configure services in policy manager. Could be dangerous if the primary reason for CPPM is the RADIUS authentications and the 25 licenses are just used as a tester.


Re: CPPM licensing lockout

If the guest count is exceeded, the CPPM UI is not locked.  The CPPM UI becomes locked only if the AAA license is exceeded for 4 out 6 months.  If you repeatedly exceed the Guest license (30 day average of per-day total for 4 out of 6 months), the Guest UI is locked out.

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Re: CPPM licensing lockout

Thats a relief, thanks for clearing that up.

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