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Captive Portal - AmigoPod - Doesn't allow outbound traffic

Hey all. Having an issue with our guest environment. We currently have guest pushed out to 2 sites. When you first connect to the "guest" network, everything works fine until AFTER you get authenticated by your sponsor. Once you get Auth'd by your sponsor, whether you click on [LOG IN] or close out your browser and try going to whatever website, you get thrown back to the registration page you just got done filling out. If you click submit, you are told the username is already in use. So long story short, we have a redirect that is getting caught into one big loop that appears to be cycling back to the registration page, even though the information you put in on the webform is going through. My configs are as follows: NAS servers are entered correctly under RADIUS and the Guest webpage. We have an SSL cert that is configured properly and this works on a third site we have working (100%) RADIUS is running locally, however doesn't seem to see/capture any of the traffic by the sites that are NOT working. Email notifications are working fine. our external redirect webpage is correct and works on our 3rd site Thoughts?
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Re: Captive Portal - AmigoPod - Doesn't allow outbound traffic

Please open a support case.  It would be painful to troubleshoot that on the forum..

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