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Captive Portal Redirect

I'm new to the captive portal world, but is there a way to configure the Captive Portal to redirect the users to a specfic web page after authenticating?  I'm using the latest code.


Thanks guys!


Re: Captive Portal Redirect

Sure, you can set the 'Welcome Page' to a URL that you want all users to be forwarded to.


Look for this under Captive portal authentication profile.

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Re: Captive Portal Redirect

To easy.  I didn't even think about looking in the captive portal profile... 



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Re: Captive Portal Redirect

If I understand your question right then you are looking for an option like 'redirect-url' which would land users to a URL after Captive Portal authentication.

In the upcoming release you might see such option.


Welcome page would be the page post CP auth but just a momentarily page in between Login Page and the website which user tried to browse

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