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Captive Portal on ClearPass Guest with Instant access point



I would like to need you help.

IAP 305 is running

AP settings:-

SSID set as Guest network and Security is point to External splash page.

I create Captive portal profile with IP and URL (Same as on Web Login on Clearpass Guest). https is enabled.

Auth server point to ClearPass.


Clearpass settings:- (C1000V with

I create a service as Guest Access - Web Login.

Authentication source is Guest User Repository.

Role mapping is Guest Role.


Issue is when connect to SSID. I enter username and password then page shown "Logging in, please wait" and stuck this page for a minute. After that page is redirect to login page again.

On Access Tracker shown user that enter to correctly service.


What should I do? Where am I wrong?



Thank you,
Ratchapas S.
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