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Captive Portal without Guest User Repository


One of our customer requested to configure a captive portal with Webservice authorization source.We have Clearpass 6.7 with IAP.

We have configured the same service on other customers but we always have configure RADIUS Enforcement (Generic) and we authorize users against Webservice with id=%{Authentication:username} and pass=%{GuestUser:password}. Guest User Repository and PAP are configured on Authentication Sources and Methods.

Current customer doesn´t want to use Guest User Repository, so we configure Clearpass service with Radius Authorization type.  Now Authorize and None are configured on Authentication Sources and Methods so Guest User Repository isn´t used. But we have problems to manage captive portal data because Clearpass log shows error=No values for param GuestUser:password. We tried to use other variables like Authenticated:password, RADIUS:IETF:password...but nothing works.

System doesn´t show any error with Authentication:username. This variable is translated correctly.

How can we manage fields (password for example) on Clearpass from captive portal?

Thank you.


Re: Captive Portal without Guest User Repository

Are you still having difficulty with this? I notice you didn't receive a response - it may be that the post was best suited to a ClearPass discussion area.


Are you attempting to have a guest access service with a captive portal that does not require login? Do you want to display terms and conditions or something else? It's not entirely clear what you would like the outcome to be - I do understand that your customer does not want to use the Guest User Repository but understanding why would be useful to help find the outcome you are seeking.

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Re: Captive Portal without Guest User Repository

I´m not working on this trouble now. Finally customer accepted to use Guest User Repository. Thank you.

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