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Change the management IP of a clearpass cluster

Hi everyone,


I have a set of ClearPass servers in a cluster that I need to change their network configuration. At the moment, they are configured with a single interface (management NIC) and now I would like to use the data NIC. The idea here would be to migrate the management IP to the data NIC and use another IP (on a management VLAN) for the management NIC.


I'm concern the cluster will break when I change those IPs (subscriber not able to communicate to the publisher). I know it could be possible to join again the cluster with the new management IP, but I would like to keep that option as the last resort.


So, is the cluster will continue to work through the data IP? Or is there a way to change the publisher IP on the subscriber without having to join back the cluster.


Thank you



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Re: Change the management IP of a clearpass cluster

Hi Joniel,


The subscribers would communicate to the Publisher only through managemnet ip. The best recommendation would be we need to break the cluster and modify the required chnages and update the new management ip in the Subscriber to form the cluster.


Please let me know if you have any questions,



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Re: Change the management IP of a clearpass cluster

Hi Sreedhar,


thank you for your reply. This is what I thought I'd have to do.


Thx again.

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