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Clean-Up unsused Guest Accounts

Hi community,


I just stumbled (again) across a requirement from one of my customers who asked me if it is possible to auto delete unused Clearpass Guest accounts which are older than a specific period (e.g. 3 month).


is there a chance to do this? I know that there are automatic cleanup intervals which I can set in the clusterwide parameters but this setting just deletes expired accounts. The requirement is that a guest can self register and the standard expiration time is set (for all) to one year. The self reg feature is for a specific area where employees can use the wifi. 


if this is possible, can someone guide me how to configure this? 


thanks in advance :)

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Re: Clean-Up unsused Guest Accounts

Currently we do not have option in CPPM to delete inactive users. Its a good feature and I would recommand to file a feature request and follow up with your accounts team on status.




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