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ClearPass Basic config


can someone please advise when you configure a VC, can you get ClearPass to configure the SSID and other details.


Basiclally, we have setup  two APS - one is VC-, and Clear pass can see them both. But how do we get ClearPass to talk to the APa and pass the configuration. We have setup the clearpass server into the VC config but we cant understand how do we pass the clearpass confg to the APs.


Thank you

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Re: ClearPass Basic config

What config are you trying pass?

Once you define the ClearPass servers on the IAP, you just need to be sure that you have services configured in ClearPass to handle the request.

Depending on your environment, ClearPass may return a basic RADIUS accept or some additional attributes for more advanced workflows..

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Re: ClearPass Basic config

ClearPass does Access Managment and Authentication for your network. So it will not allow you to manage/monitor the Instant APs configuration (like SSID).


If you want to manage the configuration of your Instant APs, you have the choice of local management (browser, CLI), Airwave for centralized management or Aruba Central as a public cloud management solution.


Check this page for an overview of the management solutions for Aruba Instant:


If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: ClearPass Basic config

Thanks for that.

So if these servcies are up then the config will go down to the AP.

What happens if the AP is also configured? Does it get deleted and ClearPass config is setup. 

really having issues understanding the concept and Aruba config guides do not explain much!!!

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Re: ClearPass Basic config

Thank you. 


Thats the answer I was looking for.


I'll try and make sense of ClearPass now...

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