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ClearPass PostgreSQL TCP timeout

We've recently moved a ClearPass cluster deployment behind firewalls at two different sites.


I've noticed in the firewall logs that a whole lot of PostgreSQL traffic is being dropped as out-of-state.


I'm assuming this is because ClearPass is trying to use a long standing TCP connection that is older than 1 hour.


Can anyone confirm the maximum connection lifetime that ClearPass would use - if there is one?

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Re: ClearPass PostgreSQL TCP timeout

Firewall logs show the connection is dropped almost exactly after 2 hours (7200 seconds).


Under Server Configuration -> ClearPass system services there is a 'TCP Keep Alive Configuration', which by default is set to 7200.


I take it this means it will only send the first keepalive after 2 hours, which is no good for modern firewalls with default TCP connection state timeouts of 60 minutes.


Needless to say we'll be changing this to 1800 seconds :)

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