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ClearPass Syslog Export


Quick question.  I have followed this guide to configure the export of ClearPass events to an external syslog server:

However no logs are being sent. 

Do I need to configure and enable the logging under Server Manager> Log configuration and then tick the boxes to enable syslog and enter my syslog server details here also or is this for non-filtered logging?



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Re: ClearPass Syslog Export

Hi Scottm.


its not necessary , by configuring the Syslog Target and Correct filter should work.


By configuring in Log configuration > Syslog server you can specify the default log level for each service and its associated modules based on DEBUGGING requirement. 


Please make sure UDP or TCP ( as per configured in syslog target) port 514 is open between ClearPass and Syslog server.


Or else work with TAC for faster resolution.




Vikram Sonawane | ACCP | @Vikram_Sonawane

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Re: ClearPass Syslog Export

I got it working after changing the export syslog filter methods from Standard to CEF.



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