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ClearPass Windows 7 802.1x time-out

We have deployed ClearPass and and from time to time we observe error 9002, Request time out, Client did not complete EAP transaction.

The error ocures only for Windows 7 host (Windows 10 works fine)


We make machine/user authentication


This error occure mainly on startup and the following reauthentications also returns TIMEOUT and it helps only resetting network card or plugging out and in network cable.


It is strange that it only occures on Windows 7 and it seems that it repeats every 20 minutes.


Any similar problems someone encounter ? 




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Re: ClearPass Windows 7 802.1x time-out

Are the drivers up to date?

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Re: ClearPass Windows 7 802.1x time-out

It's hard to say in this moment, I should have to check 

It occures on many host. But maybe it is related somehow by type and vendor of network card for example





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Re: ClearPass Windows 7 802.1x time-out



It seems that NIC driver upgrade resolved the problem 


So thank you Tim for your help 



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Re: ClearPass Windows 7 802.1x time-out

We have updated drivers, but though on some computers the described problem has persisted. 

It seems that problem is related mainly with this kind of Dell switch line(PowerConnect 55xx), because when client has changed switch to Dell N-series, the problem practically disappeared.

But my client has a lot of this Dell PowerConnect, so to exchange them all in this moment is not the case.

Has someone maybe any idea/workaround to solve problem  ?


We try also through Dell support simultanoiusly, but as for this moment without effect.


Best regards





Re: ClearPass Windows 7 802.1x time-out

We had had a couple of issues with 802.1x and Dell N/X series, I would recomend to check the latest software release for each line of product, you might need to open a case with then also, sometimes will take a couple of months until they fix the issue.

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