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ClearPass and VPN configuration

Hey all -


Maybe I'm just missing it, but I'm trying to find documentation on configuring VPN and ClearPass.


I have an Aruba 3400 controller, just brought the ClearPass appliance online and am needing to configure this for VPN replacement for computers at the moment (Windows, Linux and Mac)


I have been reading some of the clearpass documents - but haven't been able to quite figure out how this is all going to work together.


If anybody can point me to the documentation - that would be awesome.


Thank you!




Re: ClearPass and VPN configuration

ClearPass itself is not a VPN server/concentrator.  It can be used as an enforcement point (authentication, authorization, policy, etc.).   The controller may suit your needs either with the VIA client (Aruba VPN) or as VPN concentrator for other VPN clients.   The ArubaOS User Guide has instructions on this; and there is a VIA deployment guide.

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Re: ClearPass and VPN configuration

OK -that makes more sense to what I was seeing in all the documentation (but there are 3 of us trying to get this to work so......)


Thank you - I'll take a look at that file.



Re: ClearPass and VPN configuration

Perhaps what you saw was the VPN config embedded into the OnGuard Agent.  OnGuard is our NAC persistent agent..however, we have embedded the VIA client into that agent meaning that you can now have a UNIFIED agent that will do BOTH VPN and posture checking.



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Re: ClearPass and VPN configuration

Do you have any documentation on how to setup Aruba ClearPass to do Radius for Cisco Anyconnect with Cisco Firepower?

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