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ClearPass does not authenticate my guest clients

Hello everyone,


I have been facing for the last two days an issue that eludes me,


I have a setup of RAP for guest access authenticating with ClearPass, and the issue I am facing is that authentication is not being made.


When clients connect web login opens automatically in the device from ClearPass, but when the credentials are being post nothing happen and login page opens up again. I noticed as well the user and password does not appear in the access tracker, but for only a few lucky people. Like one access every 300.


Any hints to point me in the right direction to understand what is happening here?



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Re: ClearPass does not authenticate my guest clients

Do your users always get DHCP?

Do they always bring the page up?

Are these existing guest accounts or are they required to create them first?  If they are required to create them, how are they created?

I would look in Monitoring> audit viewer or Monitoring> event viewer in Clearpass to see if anything has changed or if there is a problem.


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Re: ClearPass does not authenticate my guest clients

Hi Joseph,


Users always get dhcp.

Page always come up.

This are already created guest account from guest module using the 'create multiple guest accounts' by the admin.


Event viewer shows service Stats aggregation service cannot start as well as Virtual IP service, but the last one is not in use.


I have performed a test from the controller's Diagnostic tab Network/AAA Test Server and it was succesful and appeared on the access tracker.


Not sure why this does not go through for clients connected to our RAP's



Re: ClearPass does not authenticate my guest clients

Can please post a screenshot of how's your WEB-AUTH service configured and policy?

Also can you shared how your user-roles are configured ?

Is the VAP configured to use split-tunnel or tunnel ?

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Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: ClearPass does not authenticate my guest clients


Hi Victor,


VAP are split-tunnel.


Notice something similar to this case.


When I send the logins through clearpass web login it tries to load the site (controller)/cgi-bin/login and it gives err_connection_reset


I will check on your other questions.

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