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ClearPass endpoint profile expiry?

I'm finding that some endpoints on our network profile fine when initially switched on, but if left powered on for a long time (roughly 5 days?) seem to drop back to not profiled. Is this expected behaviour? I understand the profiler uses DHCP discovers as one method of identifying the device, and I could understand that perhaps devices with long leases might not DHCP discover very often and thus might not get profiled very often. What I can't seem to find documented is in what circumstances an already profiled device will go back to not profiled or any settings to adjust that.

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Re: ClearPass endpoint profile expiry?

Are you marking these endpoint as known?


Maybe there is endpoint cleanup configured, that causes the endpoints to be deleted. Please check it under Cluster-Wide Parameters > Cleanup Intervals 



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Re: ClearPass endpoint profile expiry?

The endpoints are marked as known, and additionally the cleanup interval for profiled unknown endpoints is set to 60 days so I don't believe that should be happening.


I guess the easy way to prove this is to put something in the description/attributes and see if it's still there once the endpoint goes back to not profiled.

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