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Clearpass AnyConnect with Posture not redirecting

We are working with a customer that uses Anyconnect with Cisco ASA and we are trying to use onguard for posture.  We belive we have everything setup correct as we followed the Cisco VPN Health Onguard Doc.  If we do the show vpn-sessiondb detail anyconnect it shows the URL Redirect: ACL and the correct URL: but it never hijacks the browser and sends them to the correct place.  Infact if we do the debugging we even see that the ASA made a proxy with a redirct.  However, the user can get to the webpages just fine with no redirect.  Any ideas?  I think it has to do with configuration with the ASA but I am trying to prove it to the customer.


Any other commands that I could run on the ASA to get more information?

Re: Clearpass AnyConnect with Posture not redirecting

You should probably confirm with Cisco is that Cisco AVPair is currently support with the version of ASA you are running.

Most of the time that's the issue.

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI
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Re: Clearpass AnyConnect with Posture not redirecting

We are using ASA 9.5.1 which the document says that it was tested with 9.2.1 is it safe to assume since it is a lot later that I am okay?  Or is that a bad assumption?

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