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Clearpass Guest Captive Portal Usage

I am just diving into using Clearpass Guest, I  have a OPEN SSID that is currently being used with 4 use cases. 


1. Guest self-provisioning (this seems  easy enough in CP Guest)

2. Guest Sponsored  (CP Guest handels  it)

3. LDAP authentication of a user will allow network access ( not sure on this one)

4.  Users can self-register their own devices (xbox, wii, etc.. )  to  bypass the captive portal.


I think i understand how to do 1 and 2,  but 3 and 4 I am not sure how to tackle.  I have seen registering devices for airgroups, but how do I allow users to register devices for regular usge with CP Guest?



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Re: Clearpass Guest Captive Portal Usage

#3, you just add your LDAP server as an authentication source in the service that currently authenticates guests.  If you have guest repository as an existing authentication source, just add your LDAP server below it, and if a user does not exist in the guest repository, it will check LDAP and authenticate LDAP users to the same portal


#4, For Registration of MAC users, I would look at the section on "MACTrac Services" in the ClearPass Guest Deployment guide here:



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Re: Clearpass Guest Captive Portal Usage


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