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Clearpass Guest Hotspot Problem with registeration


I hope you're doing well.


We have a Clearpass Guest Self Reg. page with Hotspot.


The user lands on the portal, doesn't have an account.

Clicks on the link " I don't have an account", then he lands on the hotspot page.

Chooses to buy 4 hours, the expire_usage field is populated with 4 hours. The expiration is hardcoded to 24 hours.

On the enforcement policy there's a guest session limit with Authorization:expire_usage.


He spends his 4 hours of log-in time. He finishes the 4 hours. He is disconnected.


He is supposed to try to sign in again but he will keep getting disconnected..

He decided to buy another 4 hours..

How can he do that, without having to re-register. As I want the original expiry time from the first purchase to still be usable.


So if he bought 4 hours at 10 am... and finished them all at 4 pm. and he re-registered. what happens now is that his expiration time will change to be from 4 pm. today to 4 pm tomorrow. the customer doesn't want that, plus, how can he repurchase his time without having to re-register, there must be a way..

I hope I am clear in my question.


Thanks in advance

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