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Clearpass Guest Login button based on Guest Role / Onboard

Hey all, I have an interesting challenge, hoping someone has an idea.

My customer has Guest self-registration with sponsored access.  This works well today for basic guest access - guests self-register, the sponsor gets  an email and then approves them and then they are able to log in from the captive portal page.


They want to expand this by adding different roles for guests and incorporating Onboard.  So for example, a VIP would self-register and then use their Guest credentials to Onboard and get access to the corporate WLAN with EAP-TLS.  


The back-end of this works.  I can self-register, get approved and set the role to "VIP", and then I'm able to log in to the Onboard page with the guest credentials, and the Onboarding completes.


What the customer wants is a way to allow the VIP to pass their credentials seamlessly through to the Onboard page, the way they can currently click "Log In" on the Guest page.  In other words, we don't want VIP's to have to type in their email address and password. 


Ideally this would all be presented via a single "Log In" button.  Guests would click "Log In" and get logged into the guest login page, while VIP's would click "Log In" and get logged into the Onboard page.


Any ideas?

Re: Clearpass Guest Login button based on Guest Role / Onboard

Currently their is nothing built into CPPM by default to allow what you are trying to accomplish. You would need to have a HTML developer use the API and build a custom page.
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