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Clearpass Integration with Envoy - email receipts arriving without passwords, sometimes

We've got the integration set up, and the SMS messages are coming through perfectly. The email messages, though, are taking between 5 and 55 minutes to arrive, and roughly half the time they arrive without a password. We've also had two cases where two emails get sent for the same sign-in, one with and one without a password.


I've attached three images. Two of them are examples of the same sign-in generating two emails, the third is one where only one email was generated but it was missing the password.


What could be causing this erratic error? Obviously Clearpass is generating the password because it's coming across via SMS, but something about generating the email is not working all the time.


JS Bach without.jpgBarney Rubble 1 with.jpgBarney Rubble 2 without.jpg

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