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Clearpass MAC Auth SSID

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We currently have a SSID called "NSU" for non-802.1x devices in the dorm buildings. We use clearpass to allow students to register the mac address of their streaming devices such as apple tv, rokus, game consoles, etc. i have two questions. 


1. What is the best practice to limit students from registering their macbook or pc mac address and connect to the NSU in the dorms. We have enough ip addresses at the moment, but we would like to implement something to prevent students from connecting their 802.1x compatible devices to the MAC auth SSID. 


2. We want to create another non-802.1x SSID for staff, faculty on campus to onboard streaming devices. How do we prevent the student's mac address registered in clearpass from connecting to the new SSID on the rest of the campus buildings. We were planning on using the same guest portal registration with the same role push to the controller. The only difference would be the service in clearpass to match the new SSID created in the controller. 


Dorms SSID "NSU" students registerd the mac address, then go walk to any campus buildlings and find a new SSID called "sharks" however sharks is poiting to clearpass database. 


Any tips or recommendation would be appreciated!!! 


Thank you


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Re: Clearpass MAC Auth SSID

You can use this guide :

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