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Clearpass Shutdown/Startup: publisher node fails


Every time I need to shutdown and restart my Clearpass servers, I get the message:

Action Required

This is a failed publisher node and the standby has taken over as publisher.

To join this node back to the cluster, reset the database from the CLI and perform the join operation.


This is becoming a PITA.


Two questions:

1) Is this reset / rejoin procedure documented anywhere? I've done it on the phone with TAC before, but I'd rather not wait that long, if possible.


2) Is there ANY way to configure Clearpass servers so that you can shut down servers, have standbys take over as publisher, and then have everything go back to the way it was upon power up?





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Re: Clearpass Shutdown/Startup: publisher node fails



I've had this happen before and I had to reset the Clearpass server and re-join it to the cluster. Here's a link to an article that describes that process:


I haven't messed around with the feature where a subscriber becomes a publisher.


Hope it helps!




Re: Clearpass Shutdown/Startup: publisher node fails



You'll find a lot of useful info about adding/removing/resetting CPPM nodes in this CPPM Clustering TechNotes.


CPPM TechNote - Clustering Design Guidelines V1

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