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Clearpass and Aruba IAP 135



I´m new in Aruba Clearpass and I will test it in our lab. For my test I use an Aruba IAP135 and Clearpass Policy Manager and Clearpass Guest.


The CPP  is Version 6.0.2, the Clearpass Guest is the same Version.

On the IAP is the code verson


I want to get a sms selfregistraton on my IAP.


Ok, I checked the other Messages on the board for the Clearpass and IAP configuraton, I configured the IAP and the CPP and Clearpass Guest like there:


When I connect to my SSID I come to the Captive Portal (ok but not the SMS self reg page...)
 When I put my credentials in and click Login, the Login don´t work, it redirect me to

the ist Page not found.


At the CPP under Monitoring Access Tracker there is nothing.


How can I get this working, what is wrong?

How can I get the SMS self reg. Page?


Sorry my english is not so good!




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Re: Clearpass and Aruba IAP 135

It sounds like you need to edit the Web Login page and insert the self-registration link to the page.

This should allow users who don't have an account to click the link and register for one.



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Re: Clearpass and Aruba IAP 135

Ok, thanks.


But the link is on the Page and I can create a self login but not with sms.

When make self reg. the user is in the CPP database but I can´t login.


My mein problem is that the login don´t work, I put the credentials in and it redirect me to and the Browser says Page not found. At CPP the is nothing in the log (Access Tracker).


When I want to go to an other site the Captive Portal comes again...

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Re: Clearpass and Aruba IAP 135



Have you added your IAP as a Network Device in ClearPass Policy Manager ?




Re: Clearpass and Aruba IAP 135

I could be totally wrong about this.


But is possible that perhaps you don't have the RADIUS server setup correctly to have the user credentials passed back the CPPM?

By default I think that the Controller will attempt to handle the users request which is why you keep getting that default URL from Aruba.


This might explain why you are not seeing any hits in the Access Tracker of the CPPM.

Ensure that you have added a RADIUS server, setup the shared key and what not. Then make sure that for your SSID you have specified the RADIUS server to be used.

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