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Clearpass and NADs with overlapping IPs



Could you please explain, how should I solve the following situation.

Two companies authenticate with the same Clearpass. Both have NAD network, but they use the same ip ranges (lets say

They are connected to the CPPM over some L3 network (which can take some advanced functionality if required).


So, CPPM can't route back Radius packets.. Even adding a NAD is complicated, because they are using the same IP addresses.


Two feasible solutions come to my mind - it's NAT and Radius proxy.

NAT: i'm not sure, that there is NAT which could rewrite inside Radius packets, not only the IP source/destination. So, i'm not sure if it will work.

Radius proxy: Knowing nothing about 'Radius proxies' (what is it - haproxy working on 1812?) i'm also not sure if I'd be able to differentiate devices while creating them in CPPM.


Could you please advise with some keywords on what technology i should use here? (beside re-addressing ;) but it's last resort..).


Thank you!

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Re: Clearpass and NADs with overlapping IPs

Surely, just using NAT on one of the customers traffic would solve this.

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