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Clearpass send CoA to wrong controller

I got a few controllers and I'm provide Master Controller to be configuring only with no any AP to Terminated

but My Local Controller took all APs to terminated and i got problem with CoA


Clearpass should be send CoA to actual controller which APs are terminated but it's always send to Master controller instead

I had show rfc statistics on local controller there is no any packet sending from the clearpass but it's always send to master controller


I have screen capture as below

Do anyone have a suggestion

Thank you


Screen Shot 2560-11-02 at 12.51.01 PM.pngScreen Shot 2560-11-02 at 12.51.11 PM.pngScreen Shot 2560-11-02 at 12.51.19 PM.pngScreen Shot 2560-11-02 at 12.51.36 PM.pngScreen Shot 2560-11-02 at 12.51.52 PM.png

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Re: Clearpass send CoA to wrong controller

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