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Clearpass upgrade 6.2.0 to 6.2.6 ( and 6.5 final)



I have a ClearPass CP-VA-5K with version installed.

I will update it soon to 6.5.


Since this is my first attempt to upgrade ClearPass, I am being careful with this .


1 step:  update by patching  to 6.2.6 ( downloaded

This update is done by importing file to policy manager and run the update.

This is peaceful and I think i do not loose anything or need to change settings in the VM.


2 Step: Upgrade from 6.2.6 to 6.5 - This is more tricky. I have downloaded the image CPPM-x86_64-  and the technotes to 6.5.

This is similar to doing an update? Does it upgrade and mantain the configuration?


Main issues for me is that i need to create a new disk doble sized of the original. is the only change needed?



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Re: Clearpass upgrade 6.2.0 to 6.2.6 ( and 6.5 final)

Hi All


We are already in version 6.2.6.


We need to upgrade now to 6.5 version


Tech note says we can upgrade directly to 6.5. Required only that SCSI ( 0:1) is 500GB



I have seen mine and has only 400GB. Do I need to add a SCSI (0:2) with 500GB or can I expand in ESXi VM the 400GB to 500GB.


IS it possible to upgrade existing 6.2.6 or should i create a new VM with 6.5 and then import licenses, certificates...




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