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Clearpass upgrade and data migration

Hi all,


I'm planning to upgrade a CPPM server to version 6.2.3. The release notes (ClearPass_6.2.0_ReleaseNotes.pdf) mentions the following:

System Monitoring Information is not migrated when upgrading from previous versions of 6.X to 6.2, and 

the system monitoring node table will be empty after the upgrade. Users should manually add these
values. (#16431)'


What are the options to restore those values/data?




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Mitchell Pompe

Re: Clearpass upgrade and data migration

Its just telling you that you will need to re-enter the contact and system information


screenshot_01 Nov. 27 02.07.gif

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Re: Clearpass upgrade and data migration

Oh really, I thought it meant  the data in Monitoring » Live Monitoring » System Monitor.

Thanks for your quick reply!


Kind regards,



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