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Clearpass with 7.4

Hi guys, I just upgraded my WLC to 7.4 and now im having issues with URL- Redirect .... I haven't changed anything but upgraded my controller, now whenever i connect to the SSID it is allowing me straight to the internet?? If i look in clearpsas i see that it is getitng the correct enforcement profile that should be sending back the URL-Direct any other things i should try? FYI, this is for onboard not guest.. and i have the controller set for  Conditional Web Redirect..

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Re: c;earpass with 7.4

Can you take a look at the logs within Cisco?

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Re: c;earpass with 7.4

I believe that there are some ACL changes between different code versions of the WLC so you might have to go in and recreate them in the controller.
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Re: c;earpass with 7.4

thanks for the quick response guys, Actually after upgrading i was looking at my WLAN and "Allow AAA override" was now unchecked.

This seemed to do the trick if anyone comes accross this same issue.

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