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DNS issue

Hi Guys,


We have a small DNS issue when pc is connected to our network.

Facts :

1)We have service for Onguard, 802.1x and Mac Authentication.

2)Vlan for working network, Vlan for remediation and vlan for blocked network.


When pc connecting to the network the onguard moving him first to the remediation vlan (, Then the pc register him self on the DNS server. When PC is passing onguard policy (after 1 or 2 minutes), He moves to the working network and register again with the relevant network (


Problem is this: even when the pc is connected to the working network (, sometime the DNS changing his record to the remediation network ( We saw that when we ran NSLOOKUP. 


DNS server is bouncing between the working and remediation network (random time). I suspect DNS configurarion but i also suspect on clearpass configuration.


Please advise.


Thank you,

Shmulik Mazor

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