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Database / Configuration Replication

Is there anyway to perform a replication of Database/Config between two Amigopods that are NOT clustered?

I ask this because we have a "disaster-recovery" Amigopod in another data center. Neither Amigopod resides on the same LAN or subnet. Documentation states that a cluster with this physical setup is not supported nor recomended. Our other appliances are mirrored or replicated so in the event of a disaster/outage, BigIP would forward traffic to the backup data center.

Help and or/suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: Database / Configuration Replication

In the current versions there is no way to set that up. However, this functionality is coming soon.

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Re: Database / Configuration Replication

As Angel said auto replication of database/configuration to different Amigopod server is currently not possible.


However, as a backup option, if you have the complete backup of the first server, you can reload the backup on second server provided the second server have the same version of Amigopod as first one and have the same plugins. Full backup includes datbase and config.

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